More Change

Here we are in the middle of September and I just found a picture from last May, when I went to Cancun. Here it is:

This is me a couple of weeks ago.


Holy Hell. I’ve gone from 250 at the year start to now 180.

So much change. Like I said in my earlier post, I thrive on change and this change has been oh so good. And this time, I did it the right way. Total life change! I quit smoking (really, not even a puff for 8 months 17 days), quit drinking sodas and started calorie counting and sticking to it with

Of course, the real magic was exercise.  I started by walking around the LSU Lake and riding my bike as much as I could. Then I discovered running. Now I just run, like a madman, 5 days a week. Usually 4+ miles at around a 8:30 pace. I’m not trying to train for anything or compete in any races, I legit just enjoy the hell out of running.

I just figured I’d share since I seem to be on a roll finally putting content up here. Anyway, time to run!